Adidas ‘Home Of The Originals’ Collection Revitalizes Retro Classics

From its staunch heritage as one of Germany’s premier shoemakers, all the way to its monolithic presence in the world of modern street culture, Adidas has branded itself as a static contender on the long list of tasteful footwear purveyors. Over the company’s 70-year reign, a handful of its classic silhouettes have been popularized, perpetrated, and adorned by each era’s stylistic cohort — and now, the company is releasing a minimalist redesign of its 10 most popular shoes.

The Adidas “Home of the Originals” Collection is an exercise in diversity, bringing the company’s most iconic silhouettes into the realm of everyday fashion. Classic and contemporary platforms like the Continental 80, Stan Smith, Torsion Comp, A.R. Trainer, and Rivalry are among the repurposed picks, with the standout tennis (and basketball) sneaker taking top honors. The Continental, which first appeared in the latter half of 1980, was originally introduced as an athletic sneaker, bound for greatness on the clay courts of the tennis circuit — but, thanks to the popularity of the remarkably similar YEEZY Powerphase released by the brand in 2017, the resurgence of the original has been highly anticipated. As with virtually every other shoe in the collection, the Continental 80 boasts a tonal white leather upper, cream-colored sole, and vintage ecru midsole. Keep your eyes peeled for the collection to release via Adidas’ website on June 1.

Purchase: $80+