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Adidas Raises The Running Sneaker Bar With Ultralight 1oz Woven Uppers

Over the last few years, the running shoe space has evolved at an incredibly rapid pace, with activewear brands managing to deliver increasingly high-performance models in increasingly lightweight, sustainably manufactured packages. Despite the enormous strides being made, Adidas has recently raised the bar in the cutting-edge running shoe market with the reveal of its latest cutting-edge technology, “FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG.”

Designed for hardcore running enthusiasts looking to optimize performance, the FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG system is heavily data-driven relying on Adidas’ Athlete Intelligence Engine, and enables the German brand, for the first time in history, to “program” individual threads in any direction. With every single thread boasting a different property or strength characteristic, they can be strategically woven together to create “performance zones.” At less than one ounce, the FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG uppers only account for less than one-eighth of the shoe’s total weight. And, in addition to performance, the system is also manufactured with a focus on sustainability. adidas doesn’t expect to have FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG construction products in stores until the tail end of 2021, though for more information on the project you can check out the press release linked below.

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