Adidas Futurecraft Loop Running Shoes

The top-tier shoe companies are always conjuring up innovative tech, but Adidas is taking it a step further by also investing their efforts in reducing waste in their shoe-making process. According to the iconic company, the Adidas Futurecraft Loop Running Shoes will be the first 100% recyclable footwear ever.

Usually, running shoes are made with glue and a mix of materials that can only be downcycled. The Loop shoes will be constructed with only 100% reusable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which is clean-fused to the BOOST midsoles. At the end of the footwear’s life, they are washed, ground down to pellets, and melted into materials for a fresh pair of sneakers. There is zero waste and nothing tossed in the entire process. To further help the environment, Adidas is also aiming to only use recycled plastic in its shoe-making process by 2024. The Futurecraft Loop Shoes will hit the scene as a part of a global beta program with 200 lucky testers around the world. Then, the feedback will be utilized to refine the design for the 2021 release of the Futurecraft Loop shoes.

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