Adidas’ X GHOSTED Boot Introduces Soccer’s First Carbon Plate Footbed

Yesterday, we dove into a pair of soccer shoes developed by Nike’s brilliant, athletically-inclined designers. Today, we’re taking a look at yet another amazing on-pitch footwear offering — and this time, it’s arriving in the form of a futuristic, tech-inspired boot known as the Adidas X GHOSTED.

At a glance, the X GHOSTED adopts one of the more interesting designs that we’ve seen in the football industry. Conceptualized, tested, and refined alongside the sport’s most agile athletes, the unique footwear offering boasts Adidas’ newest material, “Translucent Mirageskin,” which marries an ultra-lightweight demeanor, semi-see-through qualities, and slim-line construction, with the shoe’s wire framework. Below, a “Spring Construct” footbed provides players with unparalleled speed and responsiveness, thanks to the boot’s track-inspired technology. Of course, Adidas also opted to implement another genre-defining trait — the Carbitex Speedframe — which brings a versatile carbon plate to soccer’s tailor-made footwear for the first time. Head to the brand’s website, where the X GHOSTED is slated for release on September 1, to learn more.

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