Adidas’ Adizero Pro Running Sneaker Was Crafted To Break Marathon Records

Marathon running is not the sum of short-term decisions. Rather, it’s a product of many health and training-focused decisions over a long period of time. To honor the dedication of the sport’s most prominent participants, Adidas has crafted a new generation of the Adizero running shoe, refining and elaborating on its illustrious past as a piece of record-breaking footwear.

To give Adidas new Adizero Pro the gumption it needed, the company called upon the expertise of master shoemaker and designer, Yoshitori Omori. For over 20 years, Omori has helped the company to remain relevant in the realm of fashionable, functional design, and his commitment to the brand’s new shoe is unquestionable. After providing a profound basis for the Pro, Adidas introduced a plethora of today’s cutting-edge running technologies and textiles, including a single-layer Cellarmesh upper that promotes unparalleled foot lockdown, a temperature-independent Boost cushioning system, snappy Carbitex Carbon plate, and Continental rubber foundation for superb grip. This also marks the first time that Adidas’ Lightstrike tech — which emphasizes energy return and stability via one of the lightest TPU foams in today’s market — has been implemented within a running shoe. Keep your eyes peeled for a worldwide release on May 15.

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