Adidas Encroaches On Crocs’ Territory With A Superstar-Inspired Adilette Clog

As much as we’d like to remain neutral when it comes to the debate surrounding clog-like footwear, we (too) have become captivated by the comfort-conscious item’s rise to prominence. It’s no secret that the style has taken the industry by storm, as of late, which means that there’s at least one redeeming quality that might help to pull the wool from our eyes. Now, Adidas has taken it upon itself to introduce the world to the future of the leisurewear staple.

The Adidas Adilette Clog is a distinct, rubberized model that takes its design cues from the entirety of the brand’s range. What it specializes in, however, is its classic appeal. The clog adopts comfortable, open-heel architecture a la the lauded Croc, but calls upon the timeless appeal of Adidas’ iconic Superstar for an unmistakable aesthetic upgrade. Aimed at the WFH and Medical audience, these sleek, intuitive shoes provide wearers with a “slouchy-casual” look and feel, courtesy of a lightweight synthetic upper, contoured EVA footbed, and outsole. On its exterior, the clog incorporates the legendary Adidas tri-stripe, informing everyone in the vicinity that you know a thing or two about leisurely style. Head to Adidas’ website to pick up a pair of your own for $45.

Purchase: $45