adidas 4DFWD Shoes Were Made Using Data Analysis And Computer Coding

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For the last 97 years, adidas has consistently been pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the athletic apparel and footwear space. And for its latest release, the German activewear outfit is doubling down on its tradition of innovation, harnessing the power of cutting-edge computing to deliver a thoroughly state-of-the-art pair of running shoes known as the adidas 4DFWD.

Using more than 17-years worth of athlete data, the company kicked off the development of the 4DFWD (pronounced “4D Forward”) by analyzing the gait cycle of thousands of runners before using this data to create a lattice midsole that boasts precisely calculated support and absorption zones. The 4DFWD also manages to hugely mitigate the braking forces that are applied when a runner’s foot meets the ground by redirecting this impact into forward motion that compresses in the direction the runner is moving in to achieve a smoother transition — an area furthered by the use of a heel cradle that also glides forward. Lined with an ultra-grippy yet lightweight rubber outsole, this advanced 3D-printed “4D” midsole is also paired with a soft and stretchy textile upper with a lace closure and a matching textile lining. What’s more, the 4DFWD’s uppers are crafted using adidas’ proprietary high-performance Primegreen material that’s derived from at least 50% recycled content. Offered in a trio of different color options, the adidas 4DFWD Shoes are available now, with pricing set at $200.

Purchase: $200

Photo: adidas