Adam Savage Built A Titanium Iron Man Suit That Actually Flies

Marvel fans across the globe have always dreamed of being the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist known as Iron Man. Well, former Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage has built his own functional, flying Iron Man suit on his new eight-part series called Savage Builds, which revolves around extreme engineering.

The superhero suit is made from 3D-printed titanium and powered by a jetpack from Gravity Industries. It also has parts constructed from 3D-printed nylon, fiberglass, and urethane, and has hinged joints to accurately mimic the onscreen armor. Flight is possible thanks to five 1,000-horsepower mini jet engines attached to the exoskeleton. According to Savage, if Tony Stark was real, he would take this very same approach to execute the build of his suit. So far, they have managed to get the Iron Man suit 15 feet hovering off the ground, bringing joy to superhero hopefuls. It may not be the up to par with the fictional suit, but it’s one giant leap in the right direction. And we love it 3,000.

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