Adak Adventure Trailer

Up for some adventure? Like I’m-coming-back-with-a-near-death-story-or-I’m-not-coming-back-at-all-adventure? Atta boy. Just go fill out a will, pack a suitcase, and throw it in an ADAK Adventure Trailer. The rest you can leave up to chance.

No portion of the wilderness is off-limits for your habitation, as the ADAK is made for serious trailblazing with its armored corners and 360 degrees of steel tubing to protect the trailer body. Inside you’ll find 116 square feet of space, with three beds, a kitchen, shower, generator, and 69.1 cubic feet of storage space. The headroom maxes out at 6′ 8″, so if you’re a professional power forward or center, just keep rolling with that limo thing. Many call this thing the ultimate hunting trailer, and while we haven’t put that title to the test, our first impression is promising. [Purchase]

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