Action Rocketskates

Whenever we see kids wearing those Heelys, the shoes with the wheels in the heel, we use our outside voice to say “Damn kids, they need to watch where they’re going.” But our inside voices are saying “Damn, why don’t them make them in 11.5?” Now, the adults’ time has come.

Rocketskates get strapped on over your sneakers, and when you’re ready to go, you just push the button to turn them on and kick off. To accelerate, lean forward; to slow down and brake, put your heel down (don’t lean back). There’s no remote control necessary, as the four brushless hub motors do all the work, with three available models offering three different batteries and skating times that range from six miles or 45 minutes up to 10 miles or 90 minutes. Top speed is 12 mph, and an accompanying app lets you monitor battery life, connect to other skaters, and play interactive games. Watch the video below. [Purchase]

Rocketskates 2

Rocketskates 3

Rocketskates 4