ACPAD Wireless MIDI Controller for Acoustic Guitar

When most people think about acoustic guitars, they think about low-key, campfire-set impromptu concerts. There’s no denying that the original acoustic guitar has a somber tone that tends to be on the relaxing side. But if you’re looking to spruce up your guitar playing, check out the ACPAD, a wireless MIDI controller that sits right on the guitar’s surface.

The MIDI controller will allow you to play loops, effects, samples and instruments right from your guitar. The device attaches to the guitar’s face using a thin polymer pad, and adds eight touch pads with gold-plated contacts so that the optimal pressure sensitivity is achieved. There are 10 preset buttons, two looper channels, and two sliders and faders. In order to use the new music tool, you’ll have to wirelessly sync it up with a PC running Ableton, Garageband, Pro Tools, FL Studio, or other music production software. It’s available now for $280. [Purchase]