Acne Studios Takes On The Outdoors With Its Trail-Focused Transparent Sneaker

Years ago, the transparent sneaker market was in full swing. It was new and innovative, yet retro, capturing the attention of the footwear world’s more daring participants. Aside from its novelty factor, it was also seen as a sign of the luxurious, high-end market, as it was predominantly shown in catalogs from brands regarded as the genre’s “upper echelon.” While that notion hasn’t changed much over the years, the transparent sneaker has seemingly fallen from grace — until now.

Acne Studios, one of footwear’s most notable, design-focused companies, has announced the Transparent Trail — a sporty, outdoor-oriented example that takes on clear, see-through panels. As a hybrid of the company’s running and trail-focused variants, the clear shoe boasts a sleek silhouette, a refined white/black rubber outsole, and a pink, woven insole to promote comfort throughout the day. To round things out, the Transparent Trail adopts a low-profile construction, a simplified lace-up front, and subtle white lacing, complementing your finest pair of socks by putting them on display for all to see. Head to Acne’s website to pick up a pair of your own for $450.

Purchase: $450