ACME Crate of Doom

Growing up we learn that you can never have enough Medieval weaponry due to the ever-present risk of hand-to-hand combat throughout our daily lives. Okay, well while this may not be entirely true, we can still appreciate this collection of some of the greatest weapons in history.

The Acme Crate of Doom features weapons from across six continents and spans millennia of combat. Included in the crate are items such as a baseball bat, grappling hook with rope, mace, a bullwhip made from genuine leather, ninja swords, a modern Vietnamese-style tomahawk, two-handed machete, and a kukri just to name a few. They’re all legit pieces of self-defense weaponry and come stored in an authentic Czech 10 z58 crate with a secure three-digit combo lock for safety and protection against unwarranted use. Defend the honor of your home with age-old proven weapons. The complete set is available now on the Acme site for $495. [Purchase]

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