Able Archer Duffel

Tactical and practical, this is more like a standard military duffel than your typical EDC gym bag, but that’s part of the appeal. Made of water-fighting canvas adorned with MOLLE-style webbing for adding gear – and plenty of hidden space – this is a stow-and-go bag that can be believed in.

Waterproofed right down to the zippers there’s also an array of hidden pockets which can be zipped up to virtually disappear into the bag, with only the most careful examination revealing them. The nylon interior is mil-spec, as is the canvas outside, so it might seem smooth and soft, but you can still pack it right and tight with equipment and not need to worry about a jagged edge slashing the fabric to ribbons and leaving you with a four-hundred-dollar rag. The color options are simple and minimal, proving this a working bag, not a sparkly purse. [Purchase]

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