A Very Serious Cookbook: Contra Wildair

Jan 31, 2019

Category: Living

It’s a fairly easy prospect to find yourself a solid cookbook nowadays. But getting your hands on one that’s both filled with superb recipes but also offers a bit more in the form of art or storytelling is far rarer. Yet that’s exactly what award-winning chef duo and owners of NYC’s Contra and Wildair have managed to publish in A Very Serious Cookbook.

Always sure to take everything with a grain of salt (pun intended), Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske’s quirky book is most certainly a reflection of their ethos: deep knowledgeability mated to a sturdy sense of humor. And it’s beautifully rendered across the 85 recipes inside, which are marvelously paired with full-color photos and enough narrative to give you a sense of their story and character. Organized into four unique non-traditional chapters — Always, Sometimes, Never, and Pantry — this is as much a book for curious food-lovers as it is for those who appreciate art and the human condition. Pick it up today for $38.

Purchase: $38

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