Bullet Casing Push Pins

In case you’ve ever wanted to punctuate your ideas with bullets here’s your opportunity. Lucky Shot has successfully converted used American-made 9mm bullet casings into push pins for your cork board. Each set comes with eight push pins and contains no live primers or gun powder, so they’re safe to use.

Here’s to giving ammunition a second chance at functionality. These casings may not be perfect, containing minor blemishes and scratches from their history, but that’s because they were at one point live rounds releasing hot lead through the barrel of a 9mm handgun. Each push pin is light (.3oz) and functional, so whenever you have a brilliant idea, need to make it clear when the electric bill is due, or to simply look like you go hard on a regular basis, be sure to check out these bullet casing push pins for your enjoyment. We’re sure they’ll make an impression. Available now for $13. [Purchase]