9 Movie Soundtracks Where Hip Hop Flopped

Jay-Z The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Jay-Z The Great Gatsby Soundtrack
As evidenced by its $51 million opening, American moviegoers are apparently just fine with Jay-Z being the featured artist on The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Again, that’s The Great Gatsby; the one set in the summer of 1922. By our count that’s roughly 50 years before anything Hip Hop happened, though there are those unconfirmed stories about Lil Flapper Da Rapper and her mix tapes being packaged with batches of bootleg whiskey. Despite our head-shaking over this mismatch of monstrous proportions, it did get us thinking: What other rappers have been shamelessly shoehorned onto movie soundtracks? Like those medieval DJs used to say, “Let’s get ye party started.”

ludacris shark tale

1. Ludacris & Shark Tale

Imagine taking your toddler to see Shark Tale in 2004 and the kid -– for some inexplicable reason — enjoys the movie so much he or she asks for the soundtrack. Song #8 on that album is “Gold Digger” by Ludacris, and while the lyrics are tame on this particular tune, your child is now just a mouse click away from learning more about this mysterious Luda character and his lines like “read your whore-oscope and eat your whore-d’oeuvres” and telling bitc, uh, young ladies to remove themselves from his oncoming path. [Listen]

diddy godzilla

2. Puff Daddy & Godzilla

OK, so in a way, this one does make sense. It’s one of the worst rappers of all time combined with one of the biggest film flops of all time. But perhaps the real shame here should go to legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who let Sean Combs verbally shart over his classic “Kashmir” track. [Listen]

fat boys freddy

3. Fat Boys & Nightmare On Elm Street 4

While this song may have been the best way to help a child overcome their Freddy Krueger nightmares (“Come on Jacob, look, it’s the chubby guys who make the funny noises!”), it was also one of the final nails in the coffin for the Fat Boys and their once legitimate Hip Hop reputation. [Listen]

yung joc - norbit

4. Yung Joc & Norbit

Quick survey: What would you rather do, listen to an entire album by Yung Joc or watch Norbit from start to finish? And yes, that’s including special features. Tough call, yeah. “It’s Going Down” may have been a hit, but it had no place being connected to an Eddie Murphy fat suit film. In December 2011 Joc’s studio was robbed. His 5 complimentary Blu-rays of Norbit were left untouched. [Listen]

3-6 rocky

5. Three-Six Mafia & Rocky Balboa

If you’ve watched all of the Rocky movies (we’re pretty sure there’s been 6, but we’re not positive), you know the Italian Stallion by now, and you know the dude doesn’t do rap. He does cheesy rock, some power ballads, and of course big, sweeping orchestral numbers. If Mick were alive to hear the Mafia’s “It’s a Fight” during one of Rock’s training sessions, we bet he’d crap lightning all over himself. [Listen]

tone loc surf ninjas

6. Tone Loc & Surf Ninjas

Tone Loc never really had a firm foothold on the Hip Hop ladder, but adding “Hit the Coast” to Surf Ninjas surely knocked him down a few pegs. At this time we would like to re-publish a portion of an Amazon.com review from 2005 by one Johnny Heering: “I have never seen this film, but I have seen the cover of this CD, and it definitely did not make me want to see the movie. It is a picture of Ernie Reyes, Jr., Rob Schneider and some boy brandishing swords and riding a surfboard and surfing over the head of Leslie Nielsen. How this movie failed to get nominated for any Academy Awards is beyond me. It must have slipped through the cracks. I can’t believe I wasted time writing a review that no one will read.” Congratulations, Johhny. Your time was not spent in vain. [Listen]

meth batman

7. Method Man & Batman Forever

While it was not nearly as preposterous as Batman and Robin was, 1995’s Batman Forever was clearly a movie misstep for the Caped Crusader. And with the Wu Tang Clan at the peak of their dominance, there’s no reason for Method Man to have put his song “The Riddler” on an album that also contained that brutal number from Seal that still gets played every 41 minutes on adult contemporary stations. [Listen]

hammer adams

8. MC Hammer & The Adams Family

Hammer certainly had talents -– it’s just that those talents were dancing and the ability to wear outlandish pants. Unfortunately the makers of The Addams Family chose not to hire him as a wardrobe stylist but as a rapper for “The Addams Family Groove”. [Listen]

run dmc ghost

9. Run-DMC & Ghostbusters 2

It’s not that it didn’t totally make sense for Run, D, and Jay to be on the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack, what with the NYC setting and all. But the hideous tune that this Hip Hop Hall of Fame group submitted to the movie was the aural equivalent of an Ecto Cooler enema. [Listen]