9 Best Apps For Beer Lovers

Jun 5, 2014

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There are apps for just about every hobby you can think of. Drinking coffee, painting, kntting, RC Cars–they all have their own apps. Beer drinking isn’t any different. In fact, there is quite an abundance of apps aimed at beer enthusiasts. Unfortunately, they aren’t all of Founders’ KBS quality; some of them are more like PBR. If you’re a techy like we are, you find yourself wanting more apps on your phone than actual phone numbers. But instead of clogging up your phone with bloated beer apps, check out these: the 9 best apps for beer lovers.

Untappd 1


If you’ve got a bad memory, it can be easy to forget which beers you liked, which beers you loved, and which ones you hated. With Untappd, you’re able to catalog and rate every beer you try. Each beer can be rated out of five stars, and the average rating is also displayed when searching for new beers to try. Untappd is easily the most useful beer app of the bunch, and its social integration with Twitter and Facebook (used to share the information with your friends) makes it all the more worthwhile. It is the FourSquare of beer. Available on both iOS and Android. [Download: iOS | Android]



One of the biggest problems we run into with our beer drinking is not being able to find any good craft beers while traveling–it’s tough being a beer snob! But TapHunter attempts to rectify that (and does so pretty well) by offering users the ability to discover new brewers and craft beer sellers based on their location. Users are also able to search by beer or brewery to find the closest bar or beverage center that carries the beer they’re looking for. Available on both iOS and Android. [Download: iOS | Android]

Todays Beer

Today’s Beer

As far as simplicity goes, you’d be hard pressed to find one as simple as Today’s Beer. The app gives you information on one different beer each day, displaying basic facts and a 360 degree view of the beer.  Today’s Beer is fantastic for those that are always looking for new beers to try. Available on iOS and Android. [Download: iOS | Android]

Happy Houred

Happy Houred

If you travel a lot, you’ll often find yourself looking for a simple bar with great prices rather than the touristy, high-end bars you’ll typically find in big cities. Enter Happy Houred, a phone app that allows you to find beer specials in your immediate vicinity (or at any location at any time if you are looking to make plans for later that day). There’s also social integration and inter-app messaging that makes it easy to communicate with your friends where you’re playing to go to put a few cheap ones down. iOS only. [Download: iOS | Android]

Beer Cloud 1

Beer Cloud

If you just simply love a plethora of information about the beer you’re drinking, Beer Cloud is definitely for you. Not only does it make great food and beer pairing suggestions, it also helps locate great craft beers and gives some history about each brew and brewery. Available on iOS and Android. [Download: iOS | Android]



Two things men definitely love is statistics and factual data. And if you’re like us, you’ve always wondered how much beer you actually drink and how much it actually costs you in your lifetime. Now there is BeerStat, an app aimed at bringing math to beer drinking by allowing users to track how many beers they’ve had, and how much money their habit is currently costing them. So if you want to start keeping tabs on your tabs, BeerStat is only $1, but it’s only available on iOS.  [Download: iOS]

iBrewMaster 2 1

iBrewMaster 2

Brewing your own beer can sometimes be a daunting task, but iBrewMaster makes it a little easier. It combines schedules, recipes and batches to ensure that the beer you create is flawless. If you’re a master brewer, the $9.99 cost for the app is well worth it for the amount of information you can track. Available on iOS and Android (although Android users generally hate their version). [Download: iOS | Android]

BJCP Styles 1

BJCP Styles

Do you love drinking beer but have trouble describing what you’re drinking when your friends ask? Then BJCP Styles is definitely the app for you. The BJCP was created to certify and train beer judges, and the app allows you to quickly look up descriptions of different styles of beer, including aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, ingredients and statistics (IBU, ABV, etc). These style guidelines are a great way to learn about the different types of beer and what they should look/taste/feel like. Available on iOS and Android. [Download: iOS | Android]

RateBeer 1


Instead of bringing up your mobile browser and then heading to ratebeer.com, download the mobile app instead. Where Untappd mostly focuses on the social aspects of craft beer drinking, RateBeer is just there to let you know how any specific beer is rated by the general public. It may be tough to take a beer recommendation from your overzealous friend to heart, but if it scores highly among the rest of the beer community, you know you’re in for a treat. RateBeer will help you determine which beers the drinking public yays and which ones they nay. Available on iOS and Android. [Download: iOS | Android]

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