8Bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick

8Bitdo is responsible for making some super cool retro-styled gaming accessories. But most of those have been console-focused, leaving arcade-favoring players to fend for themselves. Well, that’s about to change thanks to their new NES30 Arcade Stick.

As is the case with al of their offerings, this nostalgic controller only looks retro and is actually loaded with modern tech – including Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with a multitude of next-gen gaming platforms (like the Nintendo Switch, Android devices, Windows devices, Macs, Raspberry Pi, and more), and an 18-hour wireless battery life which charges in less than 2 hours. And while it features classic standard 30mm buttons, the joystick can also be swapped out for a Sanwa of your choice and all of the controls can be custom-mapped. You can pre-order the NES30 now for just $80.

Purchase: $80