686 GLCR HydraStash Jacket

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do during strenuous physical activity. And yes, that includes cold-weather stuff like snowboarding. But, when you’re up on the mountain, it can be hard to reasonably carry around a water bottle. And that’s exactly why 686 has created their GLCR HydraStash Jacket.

This jacket has everything you’d expect out of a good board jacket – a waterproof exterior, a wealth of zippered internal and external gear pockets and pouches, good ventilation, and more. But it also has a handy feature not found elsewhere: a built-in 0.75-liter hydration pack. The unique water-carrying system stretches around the lower interior of the jacket, helping balance the weight of the water inside to make it feel like it’s not actually there. But, you can access the life-giving liquid anytime by sipping from the built-in feeder tube that travels up to the collar. And the whole system is removable and easy to clean. The next time you’re hitting the slopes, leave the bulky bottles at home and stay hydrated with the 686 GLCR HydraStash Jacket.

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