540 Square Foot Cottage in Oregon

Mar 6, 2014

Category: Living

It wasn’t quite small enough to make our list of the best tiny houses on the planet, but this 540 square foot residence is nothing short of amazing.

This little cottage is located in Oregon, and was brought to life by interior designer Jessica Helgerson (with some help from her husband) back in 2008. The dwelling was designed to accompany their family of 4 (spouses and 2 children), and was originally purchased to become the family’s vacation home. Of course after realizing what a gem they had on their hands, they decided to make it their main stay. The home features a beautiful roof that has been draped in mosses and ferns, and is accompanied by a 1,200 square foot green house. The home features one bedroom (for the kids), a loft sleeping space (for the adults), a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, and that awesome wall to wall bookshelf leading up to the loft.

540 Square Foot Cottage in Oregon 2

540 Square Foot Cottage in Oregon 3

540 Square Foot Cottage in Oregon 4

540 Square Foot Cottage in Oregon 5

540 Square Foot Cottage in Oregon 8

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