5 Reasons To Not Buy A New Video Game Console

Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Xbox One and PlayStation 4
With the unveiling of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the gamer’s ultimate dinner bell has officially been rung. Both consoles will be on store shelves this fall competing for your hard-earned money with their sexy specs, slick marketing campaigns, and melodramatic promises of entertainment nirvana. But guess what? You shouldn’t buy either one. Not at all. At least not yet. Here are five rock-solid reasons to sit on the next-gen sidelines until the next Star Wars movie arrives or America elects a new president.

Journey Game


The libraries for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are now well over 1,000 games deep. We’re not trying to judge your personal life (this time), but there’s just no way you could’ve gotten around to that much gaming. Did you play all three Bioshocks? The Mass Effect trilogy? How about the Uncharted games? The Orange Box? Braid? Shadow Complex? Limbo? Journey? Heck, Skyrim itself could take a year to finish. Between the unsung gems and the wealth of digital indie offerings, there’s just too much untapped treasure out there– at falling prices, no less. If you bail on your 360 or PS3 this fall, you’ll also be bailing on tons of great gaming experiences.

Red Ring of Death


If the phrase ‘Red Ring of Death’ means anything to you, well, good, because misery loves company. The number of Xbox 360s that had to be repaired due to hardware problems was disastrous. Who wants to fall for that again? Just like with any new technology, the smart money waits for the kinks to get ironed out before jumping on board. Until the Xbox One and PS4 have undergone their obligatory slim downs and fine tuning, the key word is patience.

Forza 4


That Ferrari looks pretty damn good huh? Yeah, that’s from Forza Motorsport 4, a game released for the Xbox 360 in October 2011. Do you need your virtual vehicles to look better than that? Plus let’s face it, most of us would’ve thought each PS4 and Xbox One game demo shown so far was for current-gen systems had we not been told “this was the future.” Fact is, video game graphics just aren’t improving by leaps and bounds anymore—they’re taking baby steps. And baby steps are deserving of some shaky cell phone video and a call to grandma, not $500 on day one.

Lonely Fan


Online gaming is now bigger than Kirstie Alley, and if you like having your fields of battle littered with tens of thousands of combatants, you’ll wanna stick with your current system for many months to come. With 77 million Xbox 360s out there and 70 million PS3s, odds are it’ll take at least a couple of years for the next-gen systems to offer a bigger multiplayer base. This holiday you can choose Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox 360, or Call of Duty: Ghost Town for the Xbox One. (Zing!)

NFL Madden 06 Xbox 360


Creating a game for a console nobody owns yet is a huge risk for game developers, that’s why most companies minimize that risk by creating the game for current systems (the 360 and PS3 in this case) and just porting over the game’s code to the new system. This technique totally shortchanges the next-gen version of the game, as it’s not made from the ground up with the better hardware in mind. It’s why Madden 2006 is considered to be one of the worst efforts in the franchise’s history and why you should stick to the 360 and PS3 versions of multi-platform games for the foreseeable future.