5.11 Tactical Defender-Flex Jeans

For the most part, we are not ones for mixing the kind of tactical clothing that you put on before heading to the gun range with daily street wear. Our rule of thumb is that your clothes should compliment what you are doing in the day, not clash with it. Yet, with that all being said, we were really interested when the news of the 5.11 Defender-Flex Jeans came out of Shot Show.

These jeans claim to offer all of the versatility of your favorite pair of tactical or hiking pants without looking like they only belong on the range or out in the woods. The product of nearly a decade of research and development, these slim or straight cut pants feature a special LycraT400 Tough Max fabric that is made of of a special blend of cotton and polyester. This allows wearers all of the dynamic range and comfort you’d want while running through a course. In addition to the stand out fabric, the jeans also feature special magazine pockets along the back hem of the jeans and an extended coin pocket in the front for carrying a pocket knife or 10 round clip. When these are released this year they’ll be available in either indigo or dark indigo wash. Prices set at $70. [Purchase]