5.11 Operator Axe

After he picked one up on a mission in Iraq, weapons designer Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics kept a small axe on him all the the time. The pry bar, hammer, and blade on the little tool proved useful enough for Lamb to keep with him after he got back. And wehen he showed it to the guys at 5.11 – they figured they should make one themselves.

Made with SCM 435 stainless steel, the head of this Operator Axe includes the same tools as Lamb’s – a blade, pry-bar, and hammer – but the beard has been lengthened and made more aggressive with a black oxide finish. Weighing just around a pound and measuring in at 15″ in length, the jimped handle of the axe includes a series of different tools from 1/4″ sockets to hex wrench openings, and a sheet metal cutter for prying open vehicles. You can add this tool to the collection for $160. [Purchase]

5.11 Operator Axe 03

5.11 Operator Axe 06

5.11 Operator Axe 05