4M Water Rocket Kit

There’s still just a little bit of summer left, so now is the time to loosen up and have some fun. Sure, you could head to the beach one more time, or you could find a new way to spend your time. You know what sounds like a bit of fun? Shooting a water rocket high into the air.

If that sounds relevant to your interests, check out the 4M Water Rocket kit. It’s a kid-friendly and grownup-worthy kit which provides almost all of the necessary materials and instructions required to build your very own water-powered rocket. The device requires an air pump (not included) to send bubbles into the water bottle, thus creating pressure and sending it flying high into the air in explosive fashion. In fact, the water rocket can reach heights up to 30 feet. The kit provides safe, simple fun. It’s available for $18 on Amazon. [Purchase]