3DR Solo Smart Drone

3D Robotics’ latest, the 3DR Solo Drone, is a powerful quadcopter drone that streams live HD video directly to your smartphone or tablet from a GoPro attached to its 3-axis gimbal.

The 3DR Solo uses an intuitive ergonomic controller that’s fun and easy to use. In fact, the controller also has dedicated controls for the camera so that you can change views on the fly. The 3DR can also connect to any HDMI port. It has a 20 minute flight time, and can be flown manually or can be set to Follow Mode, which will have the drone follow your every move for action shots. The 3DR also uses a smart battery with an LED indicator. It’s basically a slimmed down, sleeked-out version of the DJI Phantom 3 that adds control of the GoPro, which is strangely not included in the retail packaging. The 3DR Solo is available now for $1,465. [Purchase]

3DR Solo Drone 2

3DR Solo Drone 3

3DR Solo Drone 4

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