3D Robotics Solo Smart Drone

Drones have always been good for spying, but the sometimes shaky camerawork they kick out is hardly ideal for the up-and-coming filmmaker who’s trying to find that perfect aerial shot. Improving on the idea started with the Phantom drone from DJI comes the 3D Robotics Solo. If your cameraman could soar through the skies yet keep your action camera rock steady, he’d still be inferior to this hunk of hardware.

The Solo and its accompanying remote are backed up by the Linux operating system running Cortex A9 processors which allow for complete control at a distance and on-the-fly streaming to your mobile hardware. Triple axis gimbal stability and the “Smart Shots” feature lets you set a flight plan and get the most difficult cinematography without the jerks, jitters, or trembling you’ll find elsewhere. Truly the smartest drone we’ve seen so far. [Purchase]