This ’85 Porsche Retro-Mod Dresses A 911 Super Carrera In A Carbon 356 Body

Despite being viewed as sacrilegious by purists and traditionalists, safari, restomod, and outlaw Porsche builds have exploded in popularity over the last decade or so, and though we’ve seen dozens and dozens of one-off 911 and 356 projects, few have caught our eye like the forthcoming 356/911 mashup from Sweden-based automotive designer, Bo Zolland.

Wanting to marry the timeless appearance of a 356 with the performance prowess of a more contemporary 911, Zolland plans to start the build with a 1985 911 Super Carrera, before dropping a full set of 356 bodywork over the rear-engined 207hp 3.2L flat-six and its ‘80s era chassis. In addition to receiving fender flares, modern LED lighting, and a slammed stance, the 356 bodywork will also be composed of a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber. Antique mirrors, a wraparound windshield, and a reverse-louvered deck lid keep one foot firmly planted in the past. Best of all, Zolland plans to bring this ambitious project to fruition at some point in the near future. For more information on the forthcoming build, you can visit Zolland’s Behance page linked below.

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