.30 Caliber Mini Pocket Cannon

Fire away! These miniature pocket canons are the real deal. Now you can give that Civil War reenactment scene the artillery it deserves, or just have a blast firing at glass bottles and conquering territory within the confines of your own home. The choice is yours.

Each Mini Cannon fires a 5/16” inch steel ball, otherwise known as your standard slingshot ammo. It’s easy to load, fire and clean, using black powder and any firework fuse. Also, the barrel can be adjusted vertically thanks to a set of knobs on the device and the Mini Canon features a durable stainless steel barrel and aluminum carriage to boot. Pocket Cannons also equips you with a ramrod as well. Each barrel can fit up to 3 steel balls and fires just like the antique cannons used in wars across Europe and the US in its early years. Available now for $40. [Purchase]