2Sympleks 4X4 Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle

The further people are willing to wander, the more prepared rescue services have to be in order to help those in peril. It’s a kind of call and response that humans have been doing ever since we first ventured out by ourselves. Thankfully, this dedication to helping others hasn’t waned in recent years. If anything, it’s only gotten stronger. Take 2Sympleks’ Surge Mountain Rescue Vehicle for example.

This beastly 4×4 is engineered to roll up, down, and around just about any obstacle a mountain could throw at it. It boasts a specially designed suspension system developed in Warsaw at the Automotive Industry Institute that allows the vehicle to lock itself in a shifted position, and climb up slopes as steep as 90 degrees. In addition to just being wildly capable, the van can bring along 8 rescuers with it at a time. And thanks to the specially designed seating system, it can easily carry out two victims on stretchers. No word on if this is ever going to leave the ‘concept’ stage of development, but for all outdoorsmen’s sake – we hope so.

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