24K Gold Mountain Bike

It seems everything is getting the gold treatment these days, from our iPhone cases to our whiskey chillers. It looks like not even our 2-wheeled companion is safe from the trend as we take a gander at this 24K Gold Mountain Bike.

Designed by Hugh Power and his aptly titled team at ‘The House of Solid Gold,’ this thing was built to turn some heads. This fat bike is crafted entirely by hand, and draped in pure 24K gold, a process that takes nearly 750 hours to complete. The logos stamped on the bike’s frame are made from 600 black diamonds along with 500 golden sapphires, and the seat is finished off in chocolate brown alligator skin. Every single one of the 13 limited edition bicycles will be finished off with a laser engraved artist signature, and come with a certificate authenticity. With this much opulence and attention to detail, it’s no surprise that this is being billed as the world’s most expensive extreme bike, carrying a price tag of $1 million. [Purchase]

24K Solid Gold Mountain Bike 2

24K Solid Gold Mountain Bike 3

24K Solid Gold Mountain Bike 4

24K Solid Gold Mountain Bike 5