22 Degrees Ocean Jacket

Utilized primarily in the construction of wetsuits, neoprene is an insulating and nearly impermeable material positioned to keep watermen and surfers alike relatively toasty in the unforgiving wind-whipped and rain-driven climate in and around our earth’s oceans. Now, that same technology has made its way into the realm or rainy day apparel.

Enter the Ocean Jacket from 22 Degrees – a hooded front zip neoprene rain jacket designed to keep you warm and dry while out in the ocean or caught in the rain on a chilly day. Now a staple among underwater photographers, marine biologists and more, the Ocean Jacket is the brainchild of renowned divemaster Rick Miskiv while on assignment in Peru. Notable features include a YKK Aquaguard water resistant zipper, two large interior pouch pockets, drawstrings for the hood and waist, and a 2.5 mm smooth skin neoprene construction. Each Ocean Jacket is also constructed from recycled neoprene from old tires to help reduce the jacket’s CO2 footprint – pleasing Mother Nature in the process.

Purchase: $210