21 Cool Shot Glasses For Your Next House Party

Dec 4, 2019

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We’re all about efficiency here at HiConsumption, and there’s no faster way to get drunk than pounding shot after shot of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Some prefer tequila. Some prefer vodka.  Maybe you like to put down shots of whiskey? No matter your choice of poison, the fact remains that we all still need a cool shot glass to drink from. There are a ton of solid options out there from tactical shot glasses all the way to caped superhero glasses. With so many choices, it can become a bit daunting to hunt down the best ones for your home bar setup. Fret not fellow boozer, we have sifted through the interwebs on a mission to find the 21 coolest shot glasses around. Check out which cool shot glasses made the list below, along with a purchase link following each description to buy your own.

Bombs Away Shot Glasses

1. Bombs Away Shot Glasses

The designers at Fred & Friends have built a well known brand off their home goods product range, and their shot glasses are some of our favorite. This particular one comes in a set of 2, and is lined with frosted bomb inner compartment that looks totally awesome once you add some dark booze. [Purchase]

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

2.  Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Who doesn’t love mason jars? These things have been used for literally everything, and now we can add 2.4 ounce shot glass to the list of uses as well. Each shot glass looks just like a tiny mason jar, but without the lid, because quite frankly, who needs one? [Purchase]

DC Comics Caped Superhero Shot Glasses

3. DC Comics Caped Superhero Shot Glasses

These officially licensed DC Comics glasses have been designed to look like your favorite comic book characters (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman), right down to the capes. [Purchase]

Animal Shot Glasses

4. Animal Head Shot Glasses

These blacked out, ceramic constructed shot glasses have been finished off with highly detailed pewter animal heads that are downright awesome. Although they were made specifically for shots, these glasses would also make great candle holders, because they are just too cool looking to sit in the cabinet. [Sold Out]

Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

5. Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

Easily the most badass glasses on the list, these tactical shot glasses were designed to look like an A2 flash hider from a M16 assault rifle. Typically shot glasses are made from glass, but these are made from a nearly indestructible aluminum, and have been finished off in a stealthy anodized grey coat. The packaging is a nice touch. [Purchase]

Beer Shot Glass

6. Beer Pint Shot Glass

Living in small spaces ourselves, we know that storage space everything is limited, right down to the cabinet space for your glassware. This contraption gives you a glass for beer and shots, in one nifty unit. Just flip the glass upside down depending on your mood. [Purchase]

Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring

7. Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring

You never know when the opportunity will present itself, and we always do our best to be prepared for anything life is ready to throw at us. Constructed from durable stainless steel, this keychain shot glass collapses for easy transportation when it’s not needed. [Purchase]

Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

8. Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass

We told you Fred & Friends makes awesome products, and here’s another one from the design team. Just like the Bombs Away offering, this glass utilizes a shaped inner compartment that will show up as a detailed skull when filled with dark liquor. [Purchase]

Red Cup Shot Glasses

9. Red Cup Shot Glasses

Made famous from our college beer pong days, the standard size red cups have birthed a baby version designed specifically for shots. These ones however are made from durable ceramic, and come in a package of 4. [Purchase]

SiliPint Unbreakable Shot Glasses

10. SiliPint Unbreakable Shot Glasses

Although we don’t like to admit it, we’ve broken a glass a two during our days, but SiliPint promises to never have that happen again. There shot glasses are “unbreakable,” seeing that they are constructed from 100% Food-Grade silicone. Perfect for camping trips. [Purchase]

ShotShell XL

11. ShotShell XL

Who takes just one shot anyway? Typical shot glasses hold around 1.5 ounces of booze, and you know you’re going back for at least thirds. This stainless steel glass holds 4.5 ounces of booze, letting you take 3 shots in one. [Purchase]

Ice Shot Glasses

12. Ice Shot Glasses

Don’t settle for room temperature shots. This nifty ice cube tray makes 4 ice shot glasses, making sure you never have to go without chilled booze again. [Purchase]

Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

13. Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses

Whiskey stones have really caught on in popularity over the past few years, so why not make a shot glass using the same material. Place these soap stone constructed shot glasses in the freezer just 4 hours before you plan on drinking, and you got yourself cold booze without the dilution. [Purchase]

Laboratory Shot Glasses

14. Laboratory Shot Glasses

Great for chemistry nerds, or fans of Breaking Bad, this set of shot glasses looks just like a chemistry set (although we doubt most of you have seen one since high school). The set includes 2 beakers, 1 Erlenmeyer flask, and 1 Florence flask. [Purchase]

Shot Glass Card

15. Shot Glass Card

Get them something they really care about for the holidays. This card comes with a punch out shot glass that easily assembles with a few folds. Attach it to their favorite bottle of booze, and they’ll love you forever. [Purchase]

Star Wars Shot Glasses

16. Star Wars Yoda & Darth Vader Shot Glasses

Seeing how much we love Star Wars, there was no way we were putting together a list without including a glass inspired by the galaxy far, far away. You have your choice of either Yoda or Darth Vader, both come complete with a nice slogan about The Force on the backside. [Purchase Yoda | Purchase Vader]

Copper Moscow Shot Glasses

17.  Copper Moscow Shot Glasses

Moscow Mules have been around since the 1940s, and the drink has definitely seen a resurgence in popularity as of late. There’s no better way to enjoy one than out of a copper mug. Perfect for the pre-mule festivities, these copper constructed shot glasses let you toast to the mule with some tequila shots. [Purchase]

Leather Travel Case Shot Glasses

18. Leather Travel Case Shot Glasses

You never know when you’ll need to take that celebratory shot, and gentleman, make sure you’re prepared in style. These four chrome plated stainless steel shot glasses come with separate, genuine leather crafted snap-close cases that will fit right into your briefcase or golf bag. [Purchase]

Glow in the Dark Shot Glasses

19. Glow in the Dark Shot Glasses

Kill the lights without killing the buzz. Each of these “Shot in the Dark” shot glasses are crafted from a durable rubber base that will glow green after the lights have gone out. The perfect way to take shots in the dark. [Purchase]

12 Gauge Shot Glasses

20.  12 Gauge Shot Glasses

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term “shot glass,” these shot glasses are shaped to look just like a 12 gauge shotgun shell. Each pack contains four red glasses. [Purchase]

Quaffer Chaser Shot Glass

21.  Quaffer Chaser Shot Glass

This glass will definitely get the conversation started at your next hourse party. Crafted from durable plastic to last a lifetime, the top portion holds 1.5 ounces of your favorite booze, with 2.5 ounces of your favorite mixer down low. Bottoms up! [Purchase]

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