2040 Mercedes-Benz Streamliner Concept

All Photos: Minwoong Im

Modeling its design off of the original Mercedes-Benz W196R, this futuristic jet powered concept takes the German Manufacturing giant to new levels, and hope, for what mid 21st-century sports cars may look like. It’s an exercise in artistic vision no doubt, and frankly, we can’t think of a better reason to grow older in anticipation.

Ironically enough, just like the original W196R took after WWII fighter planes, this concept functions off a dual jet engine power system which, according to the creator Minwoong Im who specializes in automotive design, is purposed allow the chrome concept to break whatever land speed record is held at the time. Therefore, it was designed with a low profile and tightly enclosed cabin for whatever driver can curb his claustrophobia for the time being. And ironically enough, if you examine with a discerning eye, you’ll notice nods here and there to the 1950s version. Don’t get us wrong, though, with a jet engine this concept is anything but tame.

Jet Powered 2040 Mercedes-Benz Streamliner 3

Jet Powered 2040 Mercedes-Benz Streamliner 2

Jet Powered 2040 Mercedes-Benz Streamliner 4

Jet Powered 2040 Mercedes-Benz Streamliner 05