Segway’s 2023 APEX H2 Is A 93MPH, 80HP eBike That Does 0-60 In Under 4 Seconds

Over the last few years Segway and its parent company, Ninebot have been tapping into a growing number of novel product spaces, from scooters to high-performance go-karts to UTVs. And after previously pulling the cover off of its APEX electric motorcycle concept in late 2019, Segway has now given us our first glimpse of the near-production-ready APEX H2 ebike model.

Currently scheduled as a 2023 model year offering, the APEX H2 boasts a decidedly sleek and futuristic aesthetic with a modern take on a full fairing, a minimalistic waspish mono-posto tail, wide-section tires, and a single-sided swing-arm paired with a hub-center-steered single-sided front-end, a la Yamaha’s ‘90s era GTS 1000. The APEX H2 features a hybrid electric-hydrogen powertrain that can accept swappable replacement hydrogen canisters on the fly. Generating 60kW (0r 80.5hp), the hydrogen-electric power plant will reportedly enable the APEX H2 to clock sub-four-second 0-60mph runs and a top speed of 93mph. The Segway APEX H2 will be priced at approximately $10,700 when it hits the market in 2023. For more info, you can check out the press release linked below.