Weber’s 2022 Lineup of Genesis Grills Is the Most Innovative in Its History

It’s a great time to love grilling. With the wave of smart grilling innovation that has taken place over the last decade, even the most novice grillers and barbecue fans can now cook with professional precision. It’s no secret that Traeger has been the major pioneer in this field, but with time, other major players in the grilling space have taken notice, poured their resources into R&D, and cranked out their own lines of tech-forward grills. The biggest name doing so is Weber, who looks to throw down the gauntlet with its new line of Genesis gas grills.

Hybridizing gas types, implementing smart technology, and bolstering usability, the new Genesis grills seemingly have an option for everyone out there. All of these new smart grills feature WEBER CONNECT, a smart hub that has access to recipes, instructions, and can also act as a temperature gauge when paired with its sensor. Better yet, WEBER CONNECT allows users to set temperature alerts, timers, and can even monitor propane levels in your gas tank, all from your phone.

In addition to their smarts, these are also outstanding grills, featuring an upgraded sear burner that’s larger for big-batch searing, as well as expandable top cooking grates that allow for another grill surface. They also feature Weber’s proprietary PUREBLU high-heat burners, which are capable of reaching higher, more even temperatures. Moreover, the new Genesis lineup grills feature an extra-large workspace for prepping ingredients and serving food.

Add to all of these features the LED-powered night vision, which lights up the grill knobs and the added storage locker below, and you have a grill fit for a grill master. The 2022 Genesis smart gas grills will release in the spring of 2022, while the normal Genesis gas grills are already available for retail starting at $899.

Purchase: $899+

Photo: Weber
Photo: Weber