Triumph Unveils Its ’22 Street Scrambler & A Limited Edition ‘Sandstorm’ Model

Triumph launched the ‘Street’ Scrambler back in 2017 in an effort to better cater its classics to riders looking to mix it up off the tarmac. With its punchier throttle mapping, more responsive chassis, and capable ride-by-wire traction system, the bike proved an immediate hit, winning its way into the hearts of everyone who threw a leg over it.

For 2022, Triumph has taken the platform and overhauled it to meet Euro5 emissions regulations, also fitting it with a slew of premium parts and announcing a limited edition ‘Sandstorm’ spec. As such, the 900cc engine’s had to be significantly reworked in order to match the previous bike’s 64.1hp and 59lb-ft of torque, becoming more eco-conscious and now delivering its peak power at 7,250rpm rather than 7,500rpm. And when it comes to the Street Scrambler’s shiny fixings, Triumph has spared no expense, giving it a new side panel and number board, as well as a heel guard, an adventure seat, and some headlight brackets. Considering that the 775-model ‘Sandstorm’ edition also comes with a higher front mudguard, a skid plate, a headlight grille, and some tank pads, there’s more than enough equipment to make this scrambler off-road ready. They’re available now from $11,000 and $11,750 respectively.

Purchase: $11,000+