Subaru Just Unveiled Its Most Capable Outback Ever In The Wilderness Edition

Ever since the ‘90s when Paul Hogan was hawking them on TV, Subaru Outbacks have always been known as sport utility wagons that were ready for a little off-road adventuring. And now the AWD wagon is living up to that reputation more than ever with the new Outback Wilderness, which Subaru says is the most capable and rugged Outback ever — and they aren’t kidding.

The Subaru Outback Wilderness has several new features that make it suitable for off-roading. Its ground clearance has been raised an inch from the standard Outback to a class-leading 9.5”. Its 260hp turbocharged Subaru Boxer engine has been paired to a revised gear ratio to climb grades up to 40%, while the new dual-function X MODE programming optimizes traction in mud, sand, and even deep snow. New off-road wheels are matched with all-terrain Yokohama Geolander tires, and the roof rack system is engineered to support a roof tent. The interior is upholstered in water-repellent Startex material, a matte black finish has been applied to the hood to reduce glare, and rugged design cues and protective bits can be found throughout the Outback Wilderness. We’re guessing Paul Hogan would love one.

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