Pagani Rounds Out The Huayra Line With Its Most Extreme Hypercar Ever Built

Since Pagani first debuted the Huayra at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, it’s come out with a number of notable tribute models, including the Tricolore, the roadster, and the roadster BC. And while each car was undoubtedly impressive in terms of its specs, none of them hold a candle to what the Italian automaker just unveiled.

Meet the R, a track-focused variant of the road-going Huayra being billing as the “most extreme Pagani Hypercar made.” When you consider that it sports an HWA-developed naturally-aspirated V12 that produces 850hp, 553lb-ft of torque, and a glorious 9,000rpm, well, we’d have to agree. And that’s not all — as with the Zonda R, everything has been optimized for maximum performance on the track. For instance, it’s based around a new carbon monocoque complete with a built-in roll cage and integrated racing seats. What’s more, it trades the seven-speed automated manual of the street-legal car in favor of a six-speed dog-leg sequential unit bolted directly to the chassis. Top it off with a set of GT3-sourced Pirelli slicks and an aggressive aerodynamic overhaul, and you have a car that’s good for 2,204lbs of downforce at 199mph. Limited to just 30 examples, it’ll run you $3,102,000.

Purchase: $3,102,000