Wheelsandmore Made The AMG GT Black Edition Even Faster With 789HP

While most of the Mercedes-Benz lineup has received its fair share of aftermarket makeovers, there is one model that has yet to go under the knife: the AMG GT Black Edition. After all, with 730hp and 590ft-lbs of torque on tap and the fastest ever Nürburgring lap time to its name, it’s not exactly wanting for performance.

However, for the folks at Wheelsandmore, even those figures aren’t enough. That’s because they’ve taken the AMG GT Black Edition and given it a full-on performance overhaul. This means that it now wears a set of Underdock adapters, allowing it to run the brand’s in-house UD-1 alloy wheels. At the front, you’ll find a set of huge 9×20-inch wheels, an addition that should make for even sharper steering. And when it comes to the rear, it now rides on a pair of 12×20-inch items, enabling even better grip through the turns. But that’s not all — Wheelsandmore also upgraded the drivetrain so that it produces 789hp and 642ft-lbs of torque. In practice, it now makes enough extra grunt to take it from 0-60mph in under 3.2s before climbing to an improved 209mph top speed. Head over to the link below to learn more.

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