Khyzyl Saleem Puts His Own Slammed Spin on the New Countach

Photos: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty

In August of 2021, Lamborghini revived its legendary Countach model via a modern, retro-inspired, 112-unit run of Aventador-based hybrid supercars. And while the new Countach is already a fairly stunning car, world-renowned concept artist Khyzyl Saleem nonetheless saw room for improvement, taking the new LPI 800-4 back to the literal drawing board to deliver his own take on the updated automotive icon.

In typical Kyza fashion, Saleem has taken the existing design and made it his own, treating the Countach to a variety of his signature visual traits such as a more slammed stance and markedly more flared fenders. The rest of the Countach’s aero kit has also been exaggerated, with a sharper and larger front splitter and rear fascia. The Kyza has also whipped up a custom wheelset for the Countach that’s also more true to the original. Saleem has also given the Lambo a redesigned and more squared taillight setup that pays direct homage to the original mid-‘70s supercar — as do the rear wing, intake scoops, and pop-up headlights that he’s added to the car.

Rather than simply showing off the highly-detailed render, Saleem is giving his legion of followers a never-before-seen look at his design process in a new YouTube series presented by Hagerty called Rendered. The specialist insurance outfit has kicked off this new series with Khyzyl Saleem’s take on the new Countach starring in the first episode, though in total, Hagerty plans on producing nine more episodes in the series’ first season.

Based on Saleem’s always incredible work, we’re extremely excited to not only see his next project, but also to get a unique inside look at the development, creation, and rendering of each of the nine cars that will be featured in Hagerty’s new series.

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Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty