Mo Auon Shows Off A Modern Ford Bronco Concept Just Ahead Of Its Official Reveal

After months of delays, Ford is poised to soon unveil its modern take on the iconic Bronco model. And just ahead of its official release, concept artist firm, Mo Auon Design is showing off its own contemporary version of the legendary American SUV, simply dubbed the “Bronco Truck 2022.”

Rendered in a variety of colors and in both two-door and four-door variants, Mo Auon’s Bronco embraces the original model’s off-road capabilities with beefy wraparound bumpers, a factory roof rack and fifth wheel, and deep-cut fenders that allow for plenty of suspension travel. Despite the concept’s thoroughly modern aesthetic, it still manages to retain numerous distinctive traits of the original 1965 Bronco, with its boxy lines and circular headlights set in a rectangular grille. Mo Auon has also experimented with a dual-cab version with a pickup bed, as well as “modified” renderings with aftermarket off-road upgrades including a front bumper, winch, and an LED light bar. To see more of the Bronco Truck 2022 or any of Mo Auon Design’s other conceptual automotive works, you can check out the company’s website linked below.

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