BMW Ushers In Its iNEXT EV Lineup With The 500HP iX Electric Crossover

BMW’s unique design language has always been an unmistakable part of its identity, and as the brand traverses into the future of automotive manufacturing, it’s holding true to its roots. The recent reveal of the brand’s all-new iX Crossover is a testament to that fact, boasting a staggering mixture of sleek, rounded lines, angular details, and a powerful, all-electric powerplant.

To redefine the brand’s interpretation of what a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) should be, the iX has been redesigned from the ground up, acting as the precursor to its new methodology. Its handsome appearance is complemented by a set of underfloor batteries that promise over 300 miles of range per charge, acting as a catalyst for the SUV’s targeted 500-horsepower output. This comes courtesy of a dual-electric-motor setup — one at each axle — and will provide speed-savvy drivers with a blistering 0-62 mile-per-hour benchmark of under five seconds. A series of carbon-fiber-reinforced parts make up the brunt of the iX’s architecture, helping to keep its weight (and drag coefficient) to an absolute minimum. Of course, BMW’s luxurious design principle extends to the platform’s interior, where a simplistic, yet futuristic layout, upholstery, iDrive controller, and head-up-display promote an exceptional commuting experience. Look for the iX to release in the first quarter of 2022.

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