BMW Takes Aim At Tesla With The Reveal Of Its All-Electric Sport Sedan

Despite being the first to bring a hybrid production supercar to market with its i8 model in 2014, BMW has been rather slow when it comes to rolling out electrified versions of its mainstay coupe and sedan models. For 2021, however, the Bavarian luxury brand looks to reestablish dominance amongst its fellow European manufacturers with the debut of its all-new fully-electric i4 sedan.

In addition to maintaining the design language of BMW’s petrol-powered models — including the presence of the brand’s iconic kidney grille arrangement — the i4 will also afford the high-performance driving capabilities of BMW’s gas-engined rides, with the finely-tuned suspension, and near-perfect weight distribution, an output of 500hp, four-second 0-60mph times, and an estimated range of up to 300 miles — putting the i4 on par with other leading luxury EVs like the Tesla Model 3. BMW will be producing four different model variants of the new i4, all of which are scheduled for a release in 2022. For more information, you can check out the i4’s page on BMW’s website linked below.

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