Yamaha’s Standup Jetski Returns After 30 Years With A 1,049cc Power Plant

Stand-up jetskis were once a novelty afforded only to the nautical race community, but over the years, companies have been making attempts to bring the unique, beach-ready platform to the general public. Thirty years ago, Yamaha introduced one of the first readily-available options with the debut of the WaveRunner, and now, they’ve returned to their roots with the 2021 Superjet.

Sure, the Superjet is a sleek, attractive offering that’s been catered toward general use during the summer, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful. Each example boasts a 1,049cc four-stroke TR-1 marine engine, a 144mm high-pressure pump system, and a lightweight VaRTM fiberglass hull, and deck, allowing a single rider to rocket across the surface of the water with ease. Clocking in at 375 pounds, the Superjet may very well be one of the industry’s most lightweight models, complementing its adjustable-height handle pole, functional standing area, and sport-savvy demeanor. If you’re interested in acquiring one of your own, head over to Yamaha’s website, where you’ll be able to build your own for $9,500 and up.

Purchase: $9,500