Toyota Gazoo’s 2nd-Gen GR 86 Sports Coupe Is Built For Pure Driver’s Thrills

Toyota and Subaru captured lightning in a bottle when they debuted their co-designed 86/BRZ platform back in 2012. For despite its meager 200hp output, the car wowed auto enthusiasts far and wide with its sharp styling, quick handling, and manual transmission — in many ways, the ultimate driver’s machine.

With the launch of its ‘GR 86,’ Toyota follows Subaru in its announcement of the second-gen BRZ sports coupe that was originally unveiled last November. Like their predecessors, the cars are virtually identical; however, they do come with a couple of changes. For instance, the GR 86 sports a Functional MATRIX grille much like that of the GR Yaris, with a front valance design markedly different from the BRZ. What’s more, it’s been given air outlets, sill spoilers, and a slew of other parts to maximize its aerodynamic efficiency. And as far as the interior is concerned, Toyota has only improved the driver’s experience, moving the display closer to the wheel and fitting it with physical buttons to prevent distraction. Oh, and thanks to its enlarged 2.4L boxer engine — good for 232hp and 184lb-ft of torque — it’ll now do 0-62mph in 6.3s. Launching in Japan this fall, you can learn more at the link below.

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