Toyota Shows Off Its Future EV Plans With The Electric bZX4 Concept SUV

As the auto industry continues to move toward an all-electric future, Toyota — one of the initial innovators in the field of hybrids — is giving us a better idea of what that future might look like in the form of its new SUV concept, the bZX4.

The SUV is the first representative of the brand’s upcoming Toyota bZ (beyond Zero) line of battery-electric vehicles (BEV). Toyota is aiming to expand its portfolio to 70 electrified models globally by 2025, with 15 of those being dedicated BEVs and 7 of those getting Toyota bZ branding. As for the bZX4, Toyota developed the SUV jointly with Subaru. It’s built on the new e-TNGA BEV-dedicated platform and combines Toyota’s stringent protocols for quality, durability, and reliability with Subaru’s robust AWD capabilities. The vehicle sports an “open concept” interior and has been engineered with driver comfort and confidence in mind. Although Toyota is presenting the bZX4 as a concept, the company is planning to release a production model for the Japanese and Chinese markets by mid-2022, with a U.S. version to follow at some later date.

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