Torsus’ Formidable Terrastorm Expedition Bus Seats Up To 20 Adventurers

With a heavy focus on capable outdoor living situations, many of the automotive world’s off-grid vehicle providers have introduced their own iteration of the 4×4 minibus. For 2021, Torsus has revealed (what it believes to be) the “most capable minibus” on the market, and from the look of things, this Volkswagen-inspired platform might just steal the thunder from some of the bigger names in the industry.

After releasing the gigantic off-grid tank known as the Praetorian in 2018, Torsus is back for the European release of its formidable Terrastorm expedition bus — an expandable sprinter that can seat up to 20 people in its interior. The Slovakian-built vehicle is undeniably good looking, but its aesthetic can only take it so far whenever it decides to depart from the well-manicured trail. To get it where it needs to go, the Terrastorm has been gifted with a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine — available in either a 138- or 174-horsepower displacement — a 4Motion all-wheel-drive system, and two distinct trim types. Both trims will feature a suite of upgraded parts tailored to off-road use, including a winch system, skid plate, bull bar, roof rack, locking differential, and lightbar, giving it all the gumption it needs to take on the path less traveled. Head to Torsus’ website to learn more about the Terrastorm, which is slated for release at an estimated $67,400.

Purchase: $67,400