TAXA Updates Its Mantis & Cricket Campers With More Storage & Better AC

Ever the innovators of the camper world, TAXA Outdoors is constantly seeking out areas for improvement across their lineup. With each model year comes new features, more capability, and better livability. For 2021, TAXA has updated its Mantis and Cricket campers to make them readier than ever for whatever adventure comes your way.

The Mantis retains its 19′ silhouette of previous years but features a number of interior additions designed to optimize space efficiency. For instance, it comes with a new separate Dometic sink and two-burner stove, as well as more space for preparation. In order to free up that extra room, TAXA has added a new birch plywood and powder-coated steel open shelving unit. What’s more, TAXA fitted the Mantis with an 8,000 BTU AC specifically optimized to cool the cabin. And when it comes to the Cricket camper, TAXA has also been busy improving it for 2021. It gains a redesigned kitchen placing the electrical and plumbing in one area for improved maintenance and repair. But that’s not all — the Cricket now features a 5,000 BTU AC unit, a portable toilet, a stacking crate drawer system, and an added rear window. Available for $31,800 for the Cricket and $46,200 for the Mantis from TAXA Outdoors.

Purchase: $31,800+