HGK’s Latest Eurofighter Drift Racer Is A Carbon & Kevlar 1,000HP Supra

As one of the preeminent players in Formula Drift, HGK Racing is a name that needs no introduction. Helmed by longtime crowd-favorite Kristaps Bluss, the team routinely puts out some of the most eye-catching cars in the sport, including the likes of the BMW E92 Eurofighter and the BMW E36.

However, for the latest Eurofighter, HGK took a decidedly different approach with the base car — a Toyota Supra A90. Under the hood, you’ll find a 2JZ-GTE engine juiced to the tune of a mind-boggling 1,000hp. Should you want to toss in an LS engine for your own build, HGK also makes the necessary mounts and motor plates to get you sorted. Elsewhere, you’ll find such high-performance parts as a Samsonas Sequential Gearbox, a Winters Quick Rear Change Differential, and some custom-made Nitron Coilovers. Wrapped in a body made from a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar, it cuts quite the menacing drift machine. It’s worth nothing that provided your pockets are deep enough, HGK sells everything needed to make one of your own. Buyer beware though — even a set of doors costs $2,750. Head over to the link below to learn more.

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